Free Your Technology. Free Your Tech Knowledge.

We develop digital inclusion through personalised learning and skill-sharing in the community.

The FreeTech Project aims to offer a way to connect with people.


Our focus on “action learning” and skill-sharing means people not only learn how to use technology to connect with friends, family, or their local community, but those also learning: asking each other for help increases empowerment, and encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and active engagement in learning.

Approach technology without fear.


Our approach is friendly, helpful, empowering, and breaks down barriers by literally breaking down technology to see it for what it is: a tool.

Find a way to save money.


With so many options to choose from via high street advertising and television commercials, many people are unnecessarily buying expensive computers and operating systems that, in the long run, cost more time, effort, and money, and even reduce lifespan of the technology itself.

Learn the method of staying safe online.


With free software comes a reduction in risk of viruses, and various privacy applications can be utilised as well.

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As a not-for-profit initiative from charitable organisation Libre Digital, the FreeTech Project continues to strive to deliver high-quality advice, information and support on technology that can save you money, through our successful Workshops as well as online.

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